• Track Name

    Pet Sematary

  • Album

    Brain Drain

  • Artist

    The Ramones

The moon is full, the air is still,
All of a sudden I feel a chill,
Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away,
Skeletons dance, I curse this day,

…And the night when the wolves cry out,
Listen close and you can hear me shout


…Up first is this dark classic from The Ramones. “Pet Sematary”, which was originally written for the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s horror classic of the same name, became on of the band’s biggest commercial hits, and it’s easy to see why - as it packs a killer melody and a driving beat.  Of course, it grew legs beyond that soundtrack and became a staple among Halloween mixtapes and compilation records. It still holds up. It’s been a mainstay on my Halloween mixtapes for years and i can’t see that changing anytime soon. Happy Halloween!

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