congratulations my beautiful California, we’ve finally made it.

today is a good day. DOMA ruled unconsitutional because you’re damn right it is. and PROP8 has no real standing for court.

i’m so happy for all the beautiful people i know who happen to be “L/G/B/T”. that does not define them. it sometimes makes them so much more fabulous, but they are who they are and i love them for their unique spirits as i always have. i’m just so damn happy that they are finally being acknowledged for being people just like everyone else.

EQUAL RIGHTS. LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE. and that’s what it should be about - being and treating each other as equals.


“I admit that I love starting trends, but I never thought wearing white socks was going to catch on. Not too long ago it was considered extremely square to wear white socks. It was cool in the 1950’s, but in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s you wouldn’t be caught dead in white socks. It was too square to even consider - for most people. But I never stopped wearing them. Ever. My brothers would call me a dip, but I didn’t care. […]

"They’d all tell me I was a goofball. But I still wore my white socks, and now it’s cool again. […] After Thriller came out, it even became okay to wear your pants high around your ankles again.

My attitude is if fashion says it’s forbidden, I’m going to do it.

— Michael Jackson (Moonwalk, 1988)

  • Track Name

    The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

  • Album

    The End Is the Beginning Is the End

  • Artist

    Smashing Pumpkins

the Beginning is the End is the Beginning - Smashing Pumpkins

Time has stopped before us 
The sky cannot ignore us 
No one can separate us 
For we are all that is left 

do not be deterred with it’s affiliation to such a terrible “batman” movie. this track, which is actually the b side to the single used for the soundtrack, is amazing. and it was used perfectly for the watchmen trailer (no matter how ehh the movie turned out). *PSA over.

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