A Skin, A Night - the National documentary by Vincent Moon for your viewing pleasure.

the National will be unveiling a new documentary, “Mistaken for Strangers” at the Tribeca Film Festival in April directed by Tom Berninger, Matt’s brother. the doc is about the National’s 2010 High Violet tour and pretty much crafted out of a guy that just decided to take his camera on the road and record a bunch of stuff. 

Matt happily states: “I was happy to give my brother whatever access he needed, I just didn’t expect this movie to include shower scenes.” …ladies…

Moon Lights Los Angeles from Ben O'Meara on Vimeo.

Moon Lights Los Angeles by Ben O’Meara

a time-lapses film, shot throughout 2012 on the westside of Los Angeles. MLLA consists of night skies, city lights, plane streaks, moon rises, full moons and even a blue moon.

set to one of my all time favorite instrumentals "Moon Fever" by Air. so many beautiful moons, i want to cry with joy. just Absolutely Gorgeous. this is why i love driving thru the city at night.

No Chance Survival - Paul Banks live @ Slim’s in San Francisco

my quiet battle cry.


no, shut up, i’m serious. this is awesome. good job internet. thank you, venusdeburgio, youtube user that clearly deserves a universal hug of glitter.

dangerous minds says better, more informatives things here

and if you don’t know why it’s awesome then click and find out. get you some Bolan in your life. you can send me thank you’s via mints and halloween things. jack daniels. vodka. mixtapes… well you can be creative. now go.

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