congratulations my beautiful California, we’ve finally made it.

today is a good day. DOMA ruled unconsitutional because you’re damn right it is. and PROP8 has no real standing for court.

i’m so happy for all the beautiful people i know who happen to be “L/G/B/T”. that does not define them. it sometimes makes them so much more fabulous, but they are who they are and i love them for their unique spirits as i always have. i’m just so damn happy that they are finally being acknowledged for being people just like everyone else.

EQUAL RIGHTS. LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE. and that’s what it should be about - being and treating each other as equals.


i’m in with the out crowd

and off to norcal to get my face kicked in by the reid brothers. should be soul quenching. listen to good things and be good to one another. see ya’s on monday.

because this one is the classic. 

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