• Track Name

    The Only Living Boy In New York

  • Album

    Bridge Over Troubled Water

  • Artist

    Simon & Garfunkel

The Only Living Boy in New York - Simon & Garfunkel

hey i got nothing to do today but smile….

i love songs that make me cry when i’m happy. and i love happy songs when i’m heartbreakingly sad. so this - this is basically close to perfect for the moment.

Happy Endings - Pulp

so it’s like, a gray day. tall sky scraper, we’re out on the balcony, we’re lying down on the ledge with one foot carelessly hanging over Nothing; we’re just staring up at those clouds passing us by. perhaps we’re smoking. and this is playing quietly from inside.. a hint of a chuckle escapes us as we realize bitterly that there are no happy endings. that there are, in fact, No Endings… not really. life will always go on with its waves of suffering and bliss and loss and music… always music. 

but fuck it, we’re still gonna try for a happy one anyway. 

  • Track Name

    I Am a Rock

  • Artist

    Red House Painters

I Am a Rock - Red House Painters

I have my books
and my poetry to protect me
I am shielded in my armour

so this morning on my drive to work, stuck in traffic, the Magnetic Fields made me cry. how this is related to this track is simple: songs about feelings make me feel even when all i wish to be is a damn rock.

"There just wasn’t the money for records."


We all have ‘firsts’. First kiss, first love, first time. First rejection, first heartache, first failure. First foreign travel, first time away from home, first real taste of freedom. The first time we heard a song, or an album or a band. Where we were, who we were with, and what it was we were doing. Some songs I hear make my heart stop for a moment, while others keep me breathing. There are those songs you hear that help you make sense of the world, and these are the ones that stay with me always. Those songs will always be a walk down memory lane.

I’m not going to claim to be particularly knowledgeable about music. I’m generally out on which year a particular band put out an album, and I might not know which track was the single. Or the name of the lead singer, or if they have put out any other material, or have any side projects going on. I might, if I really like them. But chances are I won’t. Oh, I admire those who do. If you can put together a list of your favourite albums, or even artists, then I admire that immensely. I just don’t think I could. For me, music is visceral. I can’t separate the things I listen to from the way I’m feeling. I just can’t. I’m not objective about music at all. Some of the stuff I listen to is, frankly, unpopular, and probably deserves derision and ridicule, but I still love it. It makes me feel a certain way, or brings to mind a certain event.

I have huge gaps in my musical knowledge, too. Growing up without much money meant that I couldn’t buy every single album I might have wanted. As it was, I spent far too much of my pocket money on vinyl and band t-shirts and music magazines when I was a teenager. I was always saving, always listening, and I always had my nose in Select. And somehow that was never enough. So, I’m still catching up. I’m still chasing down people I should have got into years ago, or am just discovering now. I might know names, and never have listened much. Maybe I just never had the opportunity. I used to listen to John Peel. I used to record music tracks from the radio for fuck’s sake. I was poor. That’s the bottom line. There just wasn’t the money for records. My first records were birthday presents. That’s how special they were. I didn’t just go out and buy them without saving up for months first.

It sounds almost ridiculous in a world where music is so easily accessible, and can be listened to for free. Here on tumblr, I’m consistently amazed and overwhelmed by the amount of music about which I don’t know. I come across new songs and new artists every day. And everyone is an expert, and everyone has an opinion. What works, what doesn’t work, which the best album is, what an artist’s influences are. One or two people have even gone to a lot of trouble, trying to dig me out of my upholstered rut, and encouraged me to listen to new things, and I really appreciate that a lot. It’s brought back a part of my life I’d lost.

Just don’t ask me to make a list about it.

© Written by J.S. 17.11.2011

this, this this… 

be thankful for modern technology - instant downloads. i have spent hours “shopping” for albums by just searching mediafire. it’s a dream come true when the closest i could ever get to owning music when i was young was tape recording from the radio.

…also my best of lists would only cause controversy.

  • Track Name

    We're Going to Be Friends

  • Album

    White Blood Cells

  • Artist

    White Stripes

We’re Going to Be Friends - the White Stripes

such an endearing innocence to this track. love love it. 

i always think of my best friend in kindegarten with it. he and i used to draw treasure maps during class (lol) and go on escapades during recess. good times were had.

thanks readingwritingandarithmetic! :)

the ceremony of old

I miss vinyl. I miss the ceremony that goes with a record. Carefully taking it out of the beautifully designed sleeve. Holding it at the edges to prevent scratching, and placing it on the record player with care. Lifting the arm and placing it on the gently spinning disc. Reading the words printed on the inner. The way the cardboard sleeve frays with time. I miss the musty smell of the record shop, and the muffled silence of concentration as t-shirted teens and twenty-somethings scour the racks for the ultimate record, the disc that will change their lives and turn the future into something quite different. The way my heart always beat a little faster, when I saw someone else pick up the single copy of the album I wanted, before I had chance. Racks alphabetised with cardboard dividers, each one labelled with permanent marker. And owning the newest release, carrying it home in a square shaped narrow bag? Seeing a friend and showing off the latest purchase. Worth every penny saved and spent.

© Written by J.S. 8.7.2011 (readingwritingandarithmetic)

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