A Skin, A Night - the National documentary by Vincent Moon for your viewing pleasure.

the National will be unveiling a new documentary, “Mistaken for Strangers” at the Tribeca Film Festival in April directed by Tom Berninger, Matt’s brother. the doc is about the National’s 2010 High Violet tour and pretty much crafted out of a guy that just decided to take his camera on the road and record a bunch of stuff. 

Matt happily states: “I was happy to give my brother whatever access he needed, I just didn’t expect this movie to include shower scenes.” …ladies…

No Chance Survival - Paul Banks live @ Slim’s in San Francisco

my quiet battle cry.


why can’t they do these shows in california!? so damn awesome. line by line mime, she has it… even the backwards ending. his royal badness would be and bloody hell should be proud. compare shall we? ok. his video is below this text. hers is currently not able to embed. lame.

oh the group is called Princess and they are currently doing shows only in NYC because my life is sad. 

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