knife in my head is the taste of cindy….

- the Jesus and Mary Chain were amazing and yet, they barely moved on stage. two girls crashed the stage and cat crawled behind Jim - he accidentally stepped on one of them. security were baffled but didn’t do anything because why would they…

- jim kept getting tangled up in the mic cord - dropped it twice. his reactions were very much like bernard black from blackbooks, i.e. priceless. 

- jim and william bickered like two old ladies. they had to restart some songs a few times because it seemed like william was following a completely different set list with different sheet music on a different day in a different year in an alternate universe…


- i met this cool cat that saw the first jesus and mary chain show in SF. he was sixteen. "they got on stage late, mumbled some songs into the mic, never addressed us, played off key for almost 20 minutes then walked off very angry." every one in line basically nodded at his story, "sounds about right." is what i said. 

- they played the glorious namesake Taste of Cindy. i can die a happy, callous but selfless, cold & self-composed bitch now *grin

- i took crappy pictures - some of which may be uploaded. two videos (just like honey & between planets for jennybeans) that need editing.

- the magic wands opened & were pretty great. and so nice, which threw me off. i expected cool, aloofed detachment. but nope. they were sweet.

a homeless man offered me a great connection to heroin, speed, meth and acid if i wanted to party after the show. i politely declined. 

- spent the rest of my weekend with the little brother who thinks he’s older than me (we’re 4yrs apart). bickered. tried to get our mother drunk at the olive garden because we’re classy. 

that is all.

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