it’s up to me now, turn on the bright lights….. *10yr anniversary

there are albums that will forever have a place for me. this one came along right at the peak of a dire need for change and it hit me on el camino in palo alto, ca in the summer of ‘02 and my life was NEVER the same. 

the chain reaction of pulling into 7/Eleven to find out who the fuck was playing on live105 has been endless, even a decade later: literally crawled out of my shell. met amazing people. fell in love. fell in love with endless road trips. got addicted to live shows. had drunken good times. gained much needed wisdom. and escaped a bubble called “home” to be on my own and free.

this little shy, manic indie goth who couldn’t speak to anyone, let alone look a stranger in the eye, jumped a train to anywhere and her life began… all because PDA started thumping on a summer’s day and NYC curled into her soul on a summer’s night.

so in honor of… i must echo their original sentiment and simply say, “thank you.”

#nostalgia’s got me feeling feelings #this album is in my blood

#genuine & uber emotional gush - i know… 

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    I couldn’t ask for a better reason to give a chance to this album :)
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