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    Glass Candy

People talk, few speak the truth…
Most tell their fantasies…
People’s rules and what they do are often different things.

kind of a weird mood. it’s overcast outside and i feel like an anime character. is that strange? thus enter some sexy, sexy, synthy dark electro and all things Jewel.

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    American Thighs

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    Veruca Salt

I try to rock her in my cradle
I try to knock her out
I try to cram her back in my mouth, yeah

ok, ok, ok… i’ve got this terrible habit of letting that stupid noise in my head tell me i’m not good enough, not fast enough, not worthy enough. shut it, noise, i have shit to do. like run bout.

would it be nice?

what would it be like if i thought i was pretty
what would it be like if i carried that knowledge around
like i do the knowledge that i am a writer
pretty like peonies pretty like satin pretty like the child i was
would i speak to you differently
would i be healthier less stressed
less worried
would i buy more shoes or fewer
would i be more or less afraid
of death would i find something else
to hate about myself
would i get this jealous
when your eyes aren’t touching me
in this city of movie star beauties
would i be able to write such raw and seductive words
would you have fallen in love with me sooner
would i have frightened you away
before you had the chance? 

― Francesca Lia BlockHow to (Un)cage a Girl

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